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A   L I F E   S A V E R

wavES™,  and preventing electric shock drowning

wavES™ detects electric current in bodies of water, alerts swimmers, prevents injuries and electric shock drownings.



ESD: What is Electric Shock Drowning?


Electric shock drowning occurs when swimmers come in contact with electricity that has entered the water. 

Failures in electrical wiring in and around swimming pools cause electricity to flow through the water to ground, which in turn creates an electric field within the water. Anyone who comes in contact with the current is at risk of drowning due to paralysis or incurring serious injuries to their nervous system.

The danger is compounded by the fact that the existence of an electrical current in the water does not change the appearance of the water or creates any type of sound that would alert a person to avoid the water. As a result, electric shock drowning is often referred to as the silent killer.

The purpose of the wavES™ electric voltage detection system is to efficiently and reliably, detect dangerous levels of voltage in swimming pools. wavES™ will generate an alarm to warn people who intend to enter or who already are immersed in the swimming pool water, of the danger — similar to how smoke or carbon monoxide detectors work in homes.

Designed for peace of mind


The wavES™ device can be easily installed in any existing or newly constructed pool.  It consists of two main components: the low profile, flexible channel that gets installed underneath the pool coping, and a smart pool skimmer lid that replaces your existing skimmer cover.

The modular channel has several patent-pending strategically placed sensors that are continuously (24/7) monitoring the water for any electricity that might have entered. When electricity is detected, an alarm sounds alerting swimmers and others nearby of the invisible danger.  To the right is a picture of a pool having the channel underneath the pool coping and the proprietary skimmer cover that contains the alarm and communication circuitry.

The key components of the channel include a wireless transmitter that communicates with the sensors in the pool water and a wireless receiver, located under the skimmer cover, that monitors the electricity in the water and determines whether it is safe or not.  

The wavES™ system can be installed in any shape pool and can integrate with any home automation or alarm system.  It can send alerts to users’ mobile phones or to their home monitoring system using standard industry-defined protocols.


Having wavES™ monitor your pool is having peace of mind that your pool is safe for everyone to enjoy.

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