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Natalie’s Background

Natalie was brought up in a San Francisco family that valued hard work and education.  While working full time to fund her studies at San Francisco State University, she earned her degree in Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. After graduation, she became one of the few Silicon Valley women software engineers and managers, honing her skills in the invigorating atmosphere of several successful computer networking startups and high-profile marquee companies. 

With boundless energy, technical aptitude, and enormous entrepreneurial drive, Natalie next spotted a great opportunity in building custom high-end estates. She became a licensed general building contractor and started her own residential construction business, building high end luxury homes.


Natalie’s pursuit in creating a solution to save lives 

After hearing about a man who got electrocuted in his pool while saving his daughter, she was compelled to develop a device that would detect electricity in water to prevent electric shock drowning (ESD).  There have been many similar stories in the news about people getting electrocuted in pools, marinas, tubs and spas, so a safety device that can alert people when this condition arises was paramount. Given her love for technology and solving difficult industry problems, she is currently augmenting her patent portfolio with wavES™, a unique pool and marina safety device.

Finding that work life balance 

Natalie and her husband have raised 3 daughters, one of whom is also a software engineer.  On any given day you’ll find Natalie networking, helping entrepreneurs with promoting their businesses, exploring new business ideas, mentoring and encouraging other women in technology.  Through it all, she still makes it to her daughters’ volleyball tournaments, recitals, school functions, as well as outings with close friends.  A few of her favorite quotes and words to live by are:

Grit...the magic combination of passion, perseverance and stamina... — Angela Duckworth

Success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square — Michelle Obama

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